Baby Marmoset Monkey

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Callithrix jacchus

Hostage Bred Babies!

The Perfect Age For Hand Raising Your Own Little Baby. They Have A Gray Body And As They Get Older They Develop White tuffs That Extend From The Sides Of The Face

Top-notch Males and Females Available For Breeding And For Great Companions

Marmosets Are Highly Active Living In The Upper Canopy Of Forest Trees, And Feeding On Insects Fruits And Leaves

Remains Small And Is Very Cute Especially When Born! The Mom Can Produce Twins Sometimes Triplets

Will Form A Very Strong Bond With The Owner And Can Grow Up To 1 Pound As Adults

They Are Native To Northern And Southern Brazil And Also Found In Buenos Aires Argentina

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Authorizing and Free Vet Health Checkup Available With In-Store Pickup

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