Baby Ring Tailed Lemur For Sale



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Baby Ringtail Lemurs prepared for their new home!

Lemur catta

Captive Bred Babies

These Originate From South To Southwest Madagascar

With Proper Care, These Lemurs Can Live Up To 25 Years In Captivity

Children as adorable as can be hand raised on a syringe until weaned to hard nourishments.

With A Gorgeous Striped Tails And Cool Slate Gray Fur, These Are An Exotic Species That Is Affectionate And Lovable These Guys Are As EXOTIC Unbelievably.

They Are Mainly An Arboreal Species Of Monkey So Make Sure To Have A Good Amount Of Space And Objects To Play And Climb On

This Age Is Perfect For Raising And Bonding With Your Own Lemur

As grown-ups, they will benefit from for the most part products of the soil which makes diet and upkeep a bit of cake!

Nearby pickup or delivery is accessible. State license desk work and preparing is incorporated with all Florida

occupants alongside free vet exam or local people.

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