• AVAILABLE IN THREE VARIANTS: Southern, Broad Banded, And Trans-pecos Copperhead Snake
  • This Snake Has Many Habitats That Differ They Mostly Favor Forests, Mixed Woodlands And Low Lying Swampy Regions And Areas With Hiding Places Such As Fallen Trees Rocks Or Rotting Wood
  • Females Will Bear Up 1-14 Live Young At A Time
  • Originating Out Of Northern And Central America Ranging The Midwest Over To The Eastern Coast Of The United States And Down To Parts Of Mexico Such As Chihuahua And Coahuila
  • Gorgeous Snakes With Copper Colors In Wide Saddles And Spots Along Its Sides That Trails It From Head To Tail
  • Venomous Reptile That Are Pit Vipers Using Heat Pits Just Underneath Its Eyes